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Montauk Hotels Solé East and Solé East Beach Are for Sale

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The first hipster boutique hotel in Montauk, Solé East, along with its sister resort Solé East Beach, are being put up for sale. They're expecting to get something over $30M, which includes the two hotels with 97 rooms, the Backyard Restaurant, and seven acres of land, which includes the pool, gardens, badminton court, and so on. Marketing is through CBRE.

We talked with owner Chris Jones, who told us, "We've had a great run with it. I went out there to look at the property back in Christmas 2005, which makes it ten years. The time is right to sell—the Montauk market is buoyant at the moment, and I have my eye on some new projects, including on the North Fork. I'm not leaving Montauk at all—I'm exploring a couple of other opportunities there as well."
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Sole East Resort

90 Second House Road, Montauk, NY 11954 631 668 2105 Visit Website