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The Sloppy Tuna Flips Off Montauk Locals

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The battle between fed-up Montauk residents and local bars/nightclubs intensified this weekend. On Saturday, the Sloppy Tuna, one of the local establishments most complained about by Montauk residents for overcrowding and noise, posted the above picture and hashtags to their Facebook page and Instagram. The post directly calls out Montauk resident Frans Preidel (misspelling his name) who lives next to the Sloppy Tuna and spoke at the East Hampton Town Board work session meeting last Tuesday complaining about the noise. Mr. Preidel said, "Their response is a perfect showcase of their constant attitude. I have engaged them for four years trying to get them to take responsibility for breaking the town laws and even offered to give them more leeway on noise if they put sound insulation in their place; their response was 'shrink wrap your house if you do not like us being loud,' so I personally built a 10 foot fence and put the sound insulation in at my own expense."

And yes, for some reason the Sloppy Tuna used the picture and logo of the Montauket hotel and restaurant without permission.
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