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Let's Take a Flyover Tour of Sagaponack Mega-Mansions

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<span class="credit">[Photo credit: Jeff Cully, <a href="http://www.eefas.com/">EFAAS</a>]</span>
[Photo credit: Jeff Cully, EFAAS]

Everyone loves spying on rich folks! And they don't get any richer than the denizens of Sagaponack, once again the most expensive ZIP code in the nation. Our good friend Jeff Cully, aerial photographer extraordinaire, is once again zooming over the heads of billionaires and photographing their estates. Of course, this includes minerals magnate Ira Rennert's monstrous Fair Field and David Tepper's enormous newly completed oceanfront estate (above). For all the pictures, head on over to Business Insider. Enjoy!

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