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The Great Purse Robbery of the Hamptons

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Thoughts of the Hamptons typically conjure up images of people with too much money sporting insanely expensive accessories. To be fair, a quick walk down Main Street in East Hampton sometimes feels more like a fashion show. And, it turns out that a well-heeled duo [a man and a woman] is stealing this lifestyle by dressing the part. With a penchant for hitting up the vintage boutiques of the Hamptons, these scam artists have their act down pretty well. If you can't afford it, fake it 'til you make it, right? Well, that must be their motto, because CBS reports that they have done some major damage on the East End. Just check what the couple has pilfered from boutiques in the Hamptons so far:

• $18,000 Ralph Lauren bag
• $16,500 Birkin bag
• $14,000 Birkin bag
The owner of The Perfect Purse in Southampton, Marc Deleon, told CBS, "I think she had a retractable stick, kind of like a selfie stick, where she was able to knock it off and catch it and run out the front door." Other reports allege that the pair cross dresses and is skilled at distracting the sales staff. Instead of dealing in gorgeous designer goods, lately, the elite Hamptons boutiques are reconciling stolen merchandise. This definitely is not what Carrie from HBO's Sex and the City had in mind!

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