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More Trouble at Montauk Hipster Hangouts

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One of these stories (Harbor) definitely has to do with the recent surge of anger by residents about bad behavior in public in Montauk; we're not sure about the other.

FOR SALERuschmeyer's, the Montauk hipster hangout, AKA the summer camp for grownups, is up for sale, according to Guest of a Guest. Reported asking price? $10M. If you recall, the investors who own the place have been suing one another; maybe they've just had enough. [GoaG]

SHUT DOWNHarbor MTK was slapped with a restraining order by Suffolk County for operating as an illegal nightclub and repeatedly being over capacity. According to East Hampton Town Supervisor Larry Cantwell, Harbor MTK lacked sprinklers, which honestly shocks us. We're concerned about a nightclub fire causing a lot of injuries one of these days. [Newsday]