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For $2.2M, a Gorgeously Decorated Sag Harbor Victorian

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211 Division Street, Sag Harbor
211 Division Street, Sag Harbor

We say make a deal to buy all the furnishings in this beautiful house, which unsurprisingly was featured in HC&G magazine. Of course, it's small, like most in that area of downtown Sag Harbor, being 1450sf with three bedrooms and two baths, and the garden is similarly petite at 0.11 acres, but it's all so beautifully done it doesn't matter. There's a pretty porch out front, a patio out back, and an upper deck (though how does that outdoor shower work there? If you have to go through the house to get to it, and then it drains…where? This is confusing us). Price is probably a little high; $200K less sounds about right to us.

· Sag Harbor Village Featured In Hc&g [Sotheby's via HREO]