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Party with LIMPIA at Gurney's Saturday to Support Clean Water

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The Hamptons is defined by its relationship to the water—but more and more, we are finding that the health of our water is compromised. Our water faces growing contamination that is real and measurable from pollutants, dated infrastructure and the impact of a growing population. And of course polluted water makes for threatened marine life and our native birds and animals.

"I was very surprised and deeply unsettled to learn that our precious bodies of water—the ocean, our lakes and ponds, the water beneath the ground – are quite contaminated, that the ocean at Ditch Plains where I surf is unsafe for 48 hours after any significant rainfall, and that the water in much of Lake Montauk where I learned to waterski is toxic every day of the year," said Luke Weil, chair of the board of directors of the Long Island Marine Purification Initiative Alliance, or LIMPIA (which means "clean" in Spanish).

Tomorrow, an evening of cocktails and conversation at Gurney's will raise funds for the work LIMPIA is doing to inspire lasting change around the very real problem of water quality on the East End. Buy tickets at the below link.
· LIMPIA benefit tickets via Eventbrite [Official]