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Simple, Spare Barn Style in Sagaponack North for $3.2M

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197 Northwest Path, Sagaponack
197 Northwest Path, Sagaponack

The exterior of this modern-style barn house is attractive, with wood, glass, and metal finishes. (Why is there a shirt on a drying rack in the listing photo, we couldn't tell you.) There's an acre of land boasting a gunite pool. And while the glass-enclosed great room is appealing, most of the rest of the house needs a good decorator and declutterer. The interiors go past simple and spare into boring. As for the asking price, we're thinking it's high. While being in Sagaponack confers bragging rights and low taxes, the property is right near the airport, and all in all, we don't think the property will move without a pricechop.

· 197 Northwest Path [Elliman]