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1970s Teardown in East Hampton Village Asking $4.395M

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10 Pondview Lane, East Hampton
10 Pondview Lane, East Hampton

Our admiration for the real estate prose of Corcoran's Gary DePersia is boundless. Here he is trying to make the best of what sounds like a dog:

Didn't we just love the Seventies? Our memories of the 70s: gas lines, Patty Hearst, Disco Duck, and Son of Sam. But do go on, Gary.

Didn't we just love the Seventies? Reggie and the Yanks gave us back to back Series wins and Ali gave us a Thrilla in Manila. While Saturday Night Fever showed us how to Hustle, Saturday Night Live gave us two Wild & Crazy Guys. We said goodbye to Marshall Dillon, Ben Cartwright and Ed Sullivan and hello to Archie Bunker, Mary Richards and Maude. HBO ushered in the end of free TV while Apple, Commodore and Atari showed us the future. Watergate began, Vietnam ended and Nixon wasn't a crook. And although the Force might have been with us we all nodded when Roy Scheider suggested getting a bigger boat. And during the end of that seminal decade, this 3500sf house (no interior pictures) was built. The best part, of course, is the 0.91 acre of land; asking price is pretty good, we think, even as a teardown. Wait, is the place a teardown?

But with the potential for an almost 5,000 SF house, pool, pool house and detached garage, an ambitious new owner might create something more befitting this gorgeous acreage. And just as the seventies didn't last forever, neither will this property. The seller is eager. Channel Don Corleone, make him an offer he can't refuse. Never change, Mr. DePersia.