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Party Crashing a Billionaire's Bash

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At first, we weren't sure whether or not this was an internet hoax, but, so far, it looks legit to us. Here's the deal, one of the masters of the universe Dan Loeb (yes, he's a seriously wealthy hedge fund guy) is throwing a $5,000–a–plate fundraiser tonight with all of his gazillionaire friends (ch-ching!) for the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo in the Hamptons. So far, so good, right? Not even close!

Cuomo and Loeb pissed off the wrong group, the Hedge Clippers (by the way, they are funded by the American Federation of Teachers). The issue that poked the bear is Cuomo's continued support of raising charter school caps. Obviously, this isn't sitting well with public school teachers. As for Loeb, he's the chairman of a charter school network. It's like the perfect storm of the have not's wreaking chaos on their version of the evil empire.

And, if you don't think they are serious, the protesters have been taking selfies on the bus.

We even found their bus schedule on FaceBook. Check it out:

We're betting the Hedge Clippers would have a better shot of causing party mayhem if they had kept this a complete surprise. Our thought is that the governor's security detail isn't messing around. We're not taking sides at Curbed Hamptons; however, we are protesting one thing: why weren't we invited to the party?

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