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What Can Be Done to Rein in the Montauk Party Scene?

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Montauk over the July 4th weekend was out of control: drunken people wandering in the middle of the street. Eight million taxis driving terribly—either way too fast, way too slow, or blocking the road. Gridlock like Times Square (not at all helped by the people walking in the street or the taxis). Overflowing trash cans and litter everywhere. The formerly charming town has been transformed in the past few years into a party scene, but it's worse than ever this year. Now locals are fed up and exploring ways to fight back.

Montauk old-timer Perry Duryea published a full-page ad in the East Hampton Star this week outlining his concerns, which began "Downtown Montauk needs help—immediate help. The infrastructure of this summer destination is not designed for the numbers of people coming here, and the result is a rapid deterioration in the appearance and the character of the community." A new Facebook group called Fighting for Montauk is made up of concerned citizens who want to do something to help. East Hampton Town Supervisor Larry Cantwell has invited the public to the next town board work session. In an email, he wrote, "We are all taking the issues faced in Montauk over this past weekend very seriously. I have held two meetings this week with our enforcement heads and attorneys office and held discussions with town board members. The issues and actions to take will be fully discussed at the town board work session next Tues. in Montauk. Town enforcement personnel will be on hand as well." The meeting is Tuesday, July 14, at 10AM at the Montauk Firehouse.
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