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Historic Georgica House: $$CALL$$ for Today's Best Price

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20 Apaquogue Rd, East Hampton
20 Apaquogue Rd, East Hampton

[Photo credit: Chris Foster]

Poor old Cherridune. The house needs to be sold soon because we're out of space on its picture for more pricechops. Last time we posted about this property, back in December, commenters thought that a buyer would be found soon, but so far, nothing. "That is a lot of house for 6.9," and "Someone is going to snatch this for around 6.2 - 6.3 and will have done very well for themselves." Guess we'll see. The price was chopped again in May.

The asking price is now quite a bit less than what the current owners paid for the place ($8.5M) back in October 2007. Cherridune was built in 1901 for Mrs. A.E. Newman by Frank E. Grimshaw, Jr., and retains loads of its original charm. The main house is 7400sf with six bedrooms, two of which have their own sleeping porches. There is also a three-bedroom guest house, originally built for Mrs. Newman's chauffeur. The basement contains a heated two car garage, an exercise room, powder room, sauna, laundry, changing room, and access to the rear patio with gunite pool. The property isn't large, at one acre, but the location is good. Commenters back in August said the lot was weird, and maybe that's the problem. "House is fine. Lot not so good. On a hill and not much useable yard. I think that's why it's not selling. The comp is two doors down on Apaquogue that sold for $7mm with 2 acres. Up on a hill, but has a much larger useable lot."

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