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What Curbed Hamptons Readers Say About the Uber Situation

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This weekend, we posted about East Hampton's effective banning of Uber. Feelings are running high in the matter, and you let loose in the comments. Of course there are alternatives—Main Street Drivers is a great choice if you own a car—but we think that overall, banning Uber is not a good move. Local taxis and limousines are extremely variable in service and prices; many people complain about long wait times, unsafe driving, and ridiculous fares. Some people favored the ban: "I find it INCREDIBLE that people are so entitled that they'll drive drunk if they can't use Uber." "There are several local taxi and limousine companies on the east end of Long Island including East Hampton Town and we do not need outside unlicensed drivers and their vehicles here under the pretense that Uber is the only safe and reliable means of transportation." "Ever try to understand the 'typical local reaction' before you dismiss it in all your infinite wisdom ? Maybe they're sick of seeing people benefit without giving anything back to the community- either economically or socially... … The issue isn't whether Uber is better or not (as much as they'd like to make it that), it's why can't they play by the rules like everyone else out here has to?"

Others were annoyed by it: "Wow. Shocking. An EH elected official passing something that's not in the best interest of all his/her citizens but instead a friend or local interest group." "Local people do give a shit about Uber. Yes, there are local taxi companies, but the cars are beyond scary to ride in, and if you're lucky to even get one late at night without a 1.5 hour wait. They pack the cars with numerous different parties at one time, and overcharge." "So you'd rather have them drinking and driving? We are a resort town. This is what happens in the summer. Banning uber is idiotic. It's pandering to the taxi companies. In that "10 weeks " you refer to there are multiples of people out here and uber helps take up some of that slack." "the local taxis are completely gross, filthy actually. where is "zoning" when monitoring these disasters on four wheels? drivers are unprofessional and poorly groomed. it is time for local (elected?) morons to get their heads out of the scrub oaks- visit Tokyo for a lesson in how to run a "taxi""
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