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Possible Conflict of Interests: An Inside Look at the Uber Injunction

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Yesterday, we brought you news about Uber, the on demand car service app that was recently banned in East Hampton and Montauk. Controversy surrounding the East Hampton board, more specifically Town Supervisor Larry Cantwell, continues to mount. We did a little digging, and according to the East End Beacon, Cantwell owned Amagansett Taxi with his brother a while back. We're not sure if he's still invested in the company, but this raises serious questions about his loyalty. Should someone with former ties to a local transportation company be allowed to prohibit another corporation from doing business?

The masses are responding. Cantwell told The Southampton Press that he was inundated with more than 100 phone calls and 600 emails immediately after the announcement of the Uber ban. We're not sure if the increasing pressure will persuade Cantwell to overturn the injunction, but the issue isn't sitting well with locals. People are directly tweeting at the supervisor with desperate pleas to lift the restriction. Mike Steib, CEO of the XO Group tweeted out:

Where do your loyalties lie? Please comment and let us know!

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