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Uber Responds to East Hampton Town Board

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The East Hampton board has once again been flexing its all-powerful muscles in terms of our transportation options. Many locals are happy regarding the regulations on air traffic noise, but the recent ban on Uber, the on demand car service app, is having a different effect. Taxis are notoriously expensive and unreliable on the East End, and drunk driving incidents dominate the police blotter on the weekends. Additionally, city dwellers vacationing in the Hamptons are loyal to the service.

The ban states that all Uber driver-partners are not permitted to operate in East Hampton or Montauk without having an office in said area. The town board has a history of ruling pretty much everything with an iron fist, but the ill will of partygoers might be too much for even Town Supervisor Larry Cantwell to combat. Rallying its customer base for support, here is what Uber had to say: