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Here's What You Should be Wearing on the Beach this Summer

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We're loving the eclectic bikinis from Turkish born and New York based swimsuit designer Ipek Irgit. We caught up with her at the retailer Everything But Water in East Hampton to talk about her line, Kiini. Ultimately, she told us what we should be wearing on the beach this summer. It turns out that one size does not fit all and hippie-inspired strings and things with an active sensibility are effortlessly chic.

What inspired your newest collection?
Kiini is inspired by my travels around the world and the artisan made items I've collected over the years. It's the bikini I needed for myself since I couldn't find anything that I really loved in the market.

What's your favorite [swimsuit] trend of the season?
I like the bohemian and sporty vibes that Kiini embodies and I do love a high waist.

What do you think is the most universally flattering bathing suit style?
I don't believe there is one style for all, but different styles work for different bodies. I do believe that for bottoms, a good cut is universally essential.

What colors are going to be really hot this summer?
I really think there is not one trend people follow anymore. You can find all colors everywhere but people seem to be more adventurous with pop colors.