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The Most Outrageous Amenities on the Hamptons Rental Market

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When searching for a Hamptons rental, it's okay to want crazy amenities. The reality is that if you are willing to pay for it, then you can have whatever you want. Check out some of the most decadent houses on the market. Whether you want to live in the middle of a vineyard or a windmill, nothing is off limits. We even found a disco sauna, so there really is something for everyone...

14 St. Mary's Lane, Amagansett [Corcoran]
Annual: $425,000
Live in a windmill! This 7 bed 8.5 bath 8,000sf house sits on 1.9 acres. Gorgeous and certainly not lacking a wow factor, just think how exciting this place will be on a windy day!

Southampton Village [DE]
MD-LD: $600,000
Embrace the 1970's in your bathroom. This 9 bed 8.5 bath 11,000sf house is tricked out with everything. This disco sauna is groovy, baby!

Wolffer Estate, Sagaponack [HREO]
Aug-LD: $200,000
Wolffer Estate is easily the most popular winery in the Hamptons, and this lifestyle can be all yours during the month of August. Live among the vines in the vineyard's 5 bed 6.5 bath main residence.

Waterfront in Water Mill [T&C]
MD-LD: $450,000
This 6 bed 8 bath 10,000sf house is ostentatious. Over the top with tacky ass glam, this is for the renter whose obsession runs deep for a zebra themed billiard room.

Southampton [Rosehip]
MD-LD: $300,000
Attention all bocce ball lovers! This 6 bed 8 bath 8,000sf house is all about outdoor living.