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Where Did All the Europeans Go? Blame the Euro!

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We thought you'd bring you a highly demonstrative albeit somewhat tongue-in-cheek graph highlighting why there's been a dip in the European rental market on the East End this summer. We acknowledge the slight increase in sales; the early arrival of Memorial Day; and esoteric factors (hello, endless references to Wall Street bonuses) that influence the health of the marketplace. However, we're keeping this specific to our friends across the Atlantic. For Hamptons rentals: in April 2014, let's say a $300,000 MD-LD Hamptons property cost EUR €225,000. In April 2015, rates fluctuated a lot. So, the same property would go for EUR €266,000. Our thoughts? Unrented houses can scapegoat inflated exchange rates. Translation: it's significantly more expensive for Europeans to rent in the Hamptons this year than it was last year.