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Ugly Duckling Alert: Here are the Cheapest Rentals in the Hamptons

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We've been bringing you some of the most fabulous rental properties in the Hamptons, because, let's be honest, there are some freakin' gorgeous houses out here. But, we aren't doing that today. Here are some of the cheapest rentals on the market that are available right now. Will these ugly ducklings every find summer renters? Feast your eyes, because it's not too late to swoop in and score a deal!

42 Shore Road, Southampton
MD-LD: $7,000
We're not sure what the deal is with the photos being taken in 2012. We're guessing they didn't feel the need for any updates. With 500sf, there's a sleeping loft and a patio. If you don't mind the top bunk, this place gets the job done.

East Hampton
MD-LD: $6,500
Certainly humble, this 1 bed 1 bath apartment doesn't reveal the address. However, the listing states there is a "separate entrance", so we're guessing somebody is looking to offset their mortgage. It might not be big on amenities, but there is cable TV and shiny blue bedding.

Fort Pond Bay, Montauk
July-LD: $7,000
The kitchen isn't fancy, but it's cute. This 1 bed 1 bath is steps from Navy Beach, so if that's your jam, you're hooked up for the summer.

89 North Ferry Road, Shelter Island
MD-LD: $7,000
The 3 bed 1 bath has a charming screened in porch. We're just not quite sure why they included the creepy photo of the outside storage. Yikes!

July-LD: $8,000
This 1 bed 1 bath 800sf cottage isn't big on space. But, it's waterfront and those blue shutters aren't entirely horrible.