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Who Wins the Battle of the Fixer Uppers?

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We often pose the question, is this property a fixer or a teardown? Well, with these two houses, it's pretty clear that major renovation is the only possibility. Hence, we've a got a battle of the fixers on our hands!

The first property at 574 Bridgehampton Sag Harbor Turnpike looks, well, sketchy. Then again, it's a totally blank canvas. Of course, commandeering a bulldozer might be the best course of action. The point is that this 1,400sf. house is priced to move. Asking just under $420K with .38 acres, this 3 bed 2 bath is for someone who really wants a challenge. Translation: wallflowers just keep on walking.

Our next contender is located at the corner of Harbor View Avenue and Three Mile Harbor Road. Asking $429K, there's not a lot to go on with this listing, except for an ancient looking property survey from 2004. Okay, let's call this info dodgy at best. Here's what we do know, the entrance is L-shaped (not usually seen as a positive), and the house sits on nearly .4 acres. This 1,350sf. '2 story shell' (hey, we're just quoting the listing) abuts a 15 acre reserve, and that's kinda nice.

These places are major projects, but they are close in size with similar price points. Both are North of the Highway and will keep you busy for a long time. So, who wins this battle of the fixers?

· Fixer in Bridgehampton. [SA]
· Survey map in East Hampton. [HP]