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Sorry, Noise Haters, the Planes are Flying, Mostly

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On Friday, a federal judge granted a preliminary injunction to let most of the air traffic to East Hampton Airport through. East Hampton had proposed restrictions in April on noisy aircraft (almost all helicopters and many jets); but a group called Friends of East Hampton Airport sued, saying they would suffer economic harm from the rules. The airport had sought to allow noisy aircraft only one takeoff and one landing per week during the summer, and the judge issued an injunction against that. The judge did uphold the proposed curfews, however, which include a ban on flights between 11PM and 7AM for all aircraft and a ban on noisy aircraft from 8PM to 9AM.
· Judge Limits Restrictions on Flights to East Hampton [NYT]

East Hampton Airport

200 Daniels Hole Road, East Hampton, NY 11937