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Beat the Hangover Blues with Disco Fries in Montauk

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We've all been there- you've had a few too many drinks, and you just know that the morning is going to be ugly. True- the party was kickin' and everything went your way, but right now, you can't figure out why any of this mattered. The only thing you want in the entire world is something to soak up the venom at the pit of your stomach. Well, Disco Fries (BTW, cutest name ever!) is opening July 4th weekend to help you beat the hangover blues. Located at 17 South Edison Street in Montauk this late night take-out window definitely knows it's audience. Hours are from midnight to 3 am, and we adore that this place doesn't have one ounce of pretension. We are crushing on the Disco Fries ($12) topped with braised short ribs, cotija cheese, and brown gravy. Another highlight from the menu is the Southern Fried Poutine ($11) with fried chicken, rich brown gravy and cheese curds. Our thoughts? Hell yeah, all hail the magical french fry!