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Sex and the City Writer Talks about Passing out on Rugs in the Hamptons & More

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While drinking Veuve with a reporter from the Observer, author of Sex and the City Candace Bushnell was keen on pushing her latest novel, Killing Monica. But, the interview took some weird turns that resulted in the journalist commenting more on Candace's drinking habits than her writing style. Additionally, Bushnell started ranting about "the Connecticut versus the Hamptons argument" and in the Curbediverse, we weren't aware that such a debate existed. We're more like, spend your summers wherever the Hell you want.

According to Candace, "The great thing about the Hamptons is that you really can live in the Hamptons and not live in the Hamptons in the Hamptons way." Umm, what? This commentary threw us for a loop, and she further said, "Take a Xanax. Because it's a really, really long drive in the traffic. And then when you get there, there's more traffic." Okay, we can't argue about the traffic, but Xanax, really? Hello, the 1990's are calling, and they want their prescriptions back.
Apparently, her latest restaurant obsession is Baron's Cove (BTW, nice pic, Candace!), because it's, "so cool." She says, "Two of my best girlfriends just moved to Sag Harbor. And it's so much fun to go there and visit them! It's so cute, and of course, they're both single women, and they both have these little houses, but they're charming. And it's so easy to get around and walk everywhere."

Not shying away from advice on being the ideal Hamptons houseguest, she stresses the importance asking what your host needs ahead of time. She points out that overstocking a frig is not always a welcomed gift. Hmmmm... we're not sure sure we entirely agree, but we get the point. Her real bone of contention centers around booze, and that's kinda funny- given that she was downing champagne during this conversation. Bushnell plainly states, "I have passed out in my room, on the rug, in the Hamptons. Not yet on the lawn. But you know, it happens. And the best thing [for hosts] to do is, like, 'O.K., here's some coffee. Let's get you home.' Best not to make to big deal out of it."

Well, that's a lot of colorful advice, but we're happy to know that the Sex and the City writer is a fan of Sag Harbor.

· Candace Bushnell opens up. [NYO]

Baron's Cove

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