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Big Reveal: How Much for Water Mill 'Architectural Perfection'?

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39 Georgian Lane, Water Mill
39 Georgian Lane, Water Mill

Address: 39 Georgian Lane, Water Mill
Price: $6,000,000
Most people thought the price would be higher than it is. "Architectural Perfection" in the listing is a lot to live up to, and commenter reviews for this property were mixed, ranging from "That's Perfection ????" to "Perfection, inside and out, it looks really solid and well built, unlike many homes in the Hamptons, the very best!" Many agreed $6M was too high. "I wonder what it would look like if the new owner lightened all of the interior woodwork, replaced the tiling and stonework with white marble and subway tiles and updated the furnishings and decor? … Alas for the seller, even these types of improvements won't justify $6M for three-quarters of an acre of non-waterfront land in Water Mill, and without a clearly recognizable architectural pedigree, this place, despite its charms, is not going to trade above land value."

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