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Primates Party at The Children's Museum of the East End

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[L-R] Leven Rambin, Wednesday Martin, Ericka Hunter & Becca Tobin; Photo credit: Getty Images

Last night, The Children's Museum of the East End celebrated the release of Primates of Park Avenue, the recent New York Times best seller penned by Wednesday Martin. We discovered that the author has a lot to celebrate- MGM bought the rights to the book. Hello, Hollywood! It remains to be seen who will star in Martin's memoir, but we are brimming with anticipation. Watching the elitist norms of apartment hunting, drug use, and harrowing parking lot experiences in the Hamptons play out on the big screen clearly has shades of The Devil Wears Prada. Congrats on the fancy-ass reading! When can we expect a sequel? We are rather partial to the title, The Ladies of Lily Pond Lane. Hey, it's just a thought…