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Espadrilles Vs. Flip-Flops: Which Side are You on?

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Last summer, we chatted with the founder of Soludos (the company that churns out incredibly well priced and equally adorable espadrilles), Nick Brown. We thought we were on to something when we noticed a trend away from people's toes hanging out over the sides of their flip-flops to summer footwear that properly houses their feet. We were right. People love their open toed shoes, but the movement away from naked feet seems to be gaining traction. The Daily Beast published an article proclaiming the espadrille the 'shoe of summer.'

Perhaps they are being a bit bold, but there's a lot to like about these sandals. Mainly, women can be a little lazy about getting pedicures and not shudder with shame when wearing them. Additionally, seeing people's toes in public has never been huge on our list. No matter where you fall in this epic shoe debate, espadrilles offer you more choices with some pretty chic patterns. So, throw on a pair and rock the Hamptons in style.

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