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How to Swipe Left in your Hamptons Summer Share House

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Social media, mainly Tinder (the app that helps you find love, or at least a hot hookup), has been matching up lonely singles on the East End. Dating websites like OkCupid, Match, and a bevy of other companies are popular among the dateless and desperate crowd. It turns out that some folks are now viewing their investment in a summer share house as a business transaction with the hope of changing their marital status.

A marketing executive recently revealed to the Post that she got a share house in Bridgehampton instead of posting her dating profile online. After some lusty moments with her new beau, she griped that things were, "getting a bit claustrophobic with her roomie-with-benefits." Translation: the relationship didn't last in the real world. However, for someone wanting a steamy romance, she found a quick fix.

Other people, including David Shapiro, president of a social-networking organization, guesstimates that, "hundreds of couples have been brought together in his houses." He speaks from experience, because he met his wife out here in 2010.

All of this is well and good, but remember there are lotharios lurking among us. Living in tight quarters with your new bffs at the beach with excessive alcohol consumption might lead to bad behavior. Be realistic about your goals because not everyone wants a relationship.

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