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A Clinton-Free Summer? The Shit Just Got Real...

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It's been well documented that former President Bill Clinton and his wife (and current presidential hopeful) Hillary love the Hamptons. They've dropped serious cash vacationing out here, and let's not forget that Hillary penned her memoir in Sagaponack. But the good times on the East End might be over for this power couple. It turns out that hobnobbing with the rich and richer at swanky cocktail parties is not exactly the ideal image for the woman hoping to secure the presidential nomination from the Democratic National Party. Duh!

The New York Times reported that campaign donors worry that securing a flashy rental will send the wrong message to voters. Reluctant to be quoted, a few supporters said, "They hoped she could avoid the inevitable claims of elitism by not renting a Hamptons home again, given the optics of a presidential campaign and the still-sluggish economy."

Of course, this still brings up a question of money. Even though Mrs. Clinton has cash to burn for days, she still has to fundraise. And, the Hamptons are a damn good place to throw a crazy party and just rake in the cash. Plus, it's being reported that the Clintons are a little shy with their John Hancock. Real estate agents are saying that they want their privacy, and the moment that they sign a lease, well, the jig is up.

Officially, Hillary's aides have confirmed that the family will vacation sometime in August. But, they are tightlipped about the destination. So, will the Clintons once again be mingling with the jetset Hamptons crowd this summer? Fingers crossed! We miss you, Bill and Hill!

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