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This Restored Bridgehampton Barn Will Have You Beaming

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426 Ocean Road, Bridgehampton
426 Ocean Road, Bridgehampton

This is a nicely restored antique barn, about 4000sf, in a bucolic setting south of the highway, with about 1.4 acres of land, including a pool and stone patio. Inside, there's plenty of interest: soaring ceilings, old beams, and plenty of light, open space. There are four bedrooms and three bathrooms. The kitchen isn't huge, but is perfectly adequate, and the bedrooms are rather skimpy in size, with the fourth bedroom actually a sleeping loft. If you can get past that, this makes for a charming house—a refreshing alternative to the many McMansions in the area. Asking price is $7.2M, which seems fair.

· Historic Bridgehampton [Saunders]