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Staid Mansion Hides Crazy-Fun Basement Playground

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New York-based designer Pablo Jendretzki, he of the floating-roofline house in Shinnecock, had a client who purchased a traditional 12,000sf Shingle Style mansion off Deerfield Road in Water Mill. Pablo says, "After an extensive renovation of the house was completed, they felt the empty 4000sf dark, dusty, raw concrete basement was a missed opportunity for something special. So the fantasies started rolling in conversation, with the kids included." Pablo collaborated with Dara Young Design on the project. The result is this amazing playground for kids and adults, featuring a billiards room, movie theater, ballet barre room, massage room, steam room, sauna, hot tub, cold plunge pool, and lounge. Our favorite part is the log cabin room—a bit of the Adirondacks in the Hamptons!
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