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It's Time to Put Amagansett's Pointy House Out of Its Misery

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7 Beach Plum Court, Amagansett
7 Beach Plum Court, Amagansett

We're sorry it's come to this, but facts need to be faced. Everyone hates this house. No one (so far as we can tell) has ever lived in it in the more than ten years since it's been built. Let's bulldoze it and build new. It's the kindest thing to do. There's still an acre of oceanfront land.

Last time we checked in with ol' Pointy House back in January 2014, during a brief and rather pathetically optimistic uptick in the price (high of $9M back in 2005, down to $6.3M, back up to $7.9M; currently it's at $6.7M), commenters were savage: "My only question concerns the first photo: why put the morgue in the room with the best view?" "It's a good thing you can't see the beach from this house. On weekends the beach resembles the lot at Buzz Chew. Long live truck beach." "I saw this house about 2 years back. I literally walked in turned around and walked out. It is awful. Every room is angled with angles ceilings and walls. (We aren't even talking fung shui.)"

7 Beach Plum Court, godspeed as you make your final journey to the light.

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