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What Do You Think About House and Lot Size Restrictions?

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Southampton and East Hampton villages are attempting to rein in house sizes, citing concerns about appropriateness and character. Quoted in Newsday, Southampton Village administrator Stephen Funsch said, "You have this towering monstrosity next to this quaint little cottage. A lot of longtime residents feel it's affecting the quaint feel of the village." Builders and owners want to get the maximum value out of their properties, so it makes sense to build as large as they can, and now the village planning boards are pushing back. Southampton is considering reducing the maximum height on a property and possibly tightening rules on allowable floor plan size in lots one acre and less, while East Hampton wants to reduce floor plan size in a formula based on lot size. For example, on a roughly two acre lot, allowable size would be 7800sf, as opposed to the 9000sf now permitted. What do you say?
· Oversized mansions targeted in new laws restricting home size in Hamptons villages [Newsday]