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Celeb News: JLo Rocks East Hampton

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You know the shit is going down at one of the most popular restaurants in the Hamptons, Nick & Toni's, when the staff starts looming over a table and puts down a large flower arrangement. It doesn't sound like much, but they never do this. Never! Of course when you are megastar Jennifer Lopez (oops, we mean Jenny from the block), people tend to make a bigger fuss. And so it went on Saturday night in East Hampton.

Our tipster observed that Lopez's entourage included the 28-year old choreographer who she has been romantically linked with, Casper Smart. It was difficult to tell if this was a date. Translation: we didn't notice any kissing, but the star looked relaxed and genuinely happy.

JLo sported a neat bun, and she wasn't seeking attention from fans. Of course, this didn't stop a woman in sad looking ripped jeans from shoving a cell phone in the star's face. The issue was quickly resolved, but the bigger question remains: are JLo and Casper heating things up again? Perhaps a summer fling on the East End (hello, Leo!)? According to People Magazine, she's only 'kind of' single. The jury is still out, but damn, she looked good.

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