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4 Reasons Your Hamptons Workout Just Isn't Gonna Happen

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Once upon a time, Hamptonites were concerned with hitting the right parties and getting their drink on with no regard for their morning sobriety. Lately, there seems to be a shift in mentalities. Yes, people are still down to party, but there is an asterisk at the end of that thought, *I have to make my workout class in the morning. Designer fitness classes like Barry's Bootcamp (the military style classes that are billed as the best workouts in the world), SoulCycle (care for a bike ride anyone?), Tracy Anderson (dance! dance! dance!), Physique 57 (let's hit the barre!), and a slew of other boutique workouts have invaded the East End. And, no, they aren't going anywhere, because business is just too good. So, we've rounded up the top 4 reasons you're not working out today.

1. Class is full.
Most booking systems are pretty similar, but you are kidding yourself if you think your workout buddy isn't stalking the website. Classes are smaller in the Hamptons, so it's imperative that you sign up the second that your precious workout goes live. Otherwise, learn to love waiting lists.

2. You're not on the list.
VIP status is still big on the East End. Andrew Lipman, director of global communications for Cadillac, told The New York Post [NYP] that he paid a whopping $4,000 by signing up for the SuperSoul program. Apparently, he was having trouble getting a bike at the Bridgehampton gym, and this service that works out to $80 for 50 bike rides allows him to sign up weeks in advance. And, he points out, "this is cheaper than champagne at a nightclub."

3. Traffic.
It sounds like the most ridiculous reason ever, but the main highway (which is still only 2 lanes) gets crazy. You seriously don't know what kind of shit storm you might do battle with on 27, even at 8 am.

4. Being 3 sheets to the wind.
Yes, we've said that East Enders prioritize fitness over clubbing but getting drunk as a skunk, well, that's always going to happen. Barry's Bootcamp founder Joey Gonzalez told the NYP that they still get last minute calls on Sunday mornings with people begging out, "Dude, I'm super hungover from last night, so I have to take it easy.'"

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