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Hamptons Heavyweight Calls EH Town Supervisor a D*ck

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We tried to move on to a non-Uber news item, but the opinions and dare we say screams of everybody on the East End just won't quit. Even local legend and former restaurateur Jerry Della Femina commented on East Hampton Town Supervisor Larry Cantwell's decision to ban Uber (the popular on-demand car service app) by calling him, "something of a dick." Referencing the unusually high number of drunk driving incidents in the Hamptons while questioning Cantwell's credibility, Della Femina said, "Now Larry is playing a much more dangerous game that can get somebody's kid killed. He has made it impossible for Uber car service to operate in East Hampton."

We noticed that Cantwell seems to be enjoying his time in the spotlight. He's doing a full on media blitz, and he even appeared for a lengthy interview on CNBC. It's true that the Hamptons are a coveted vacation destination that also boasts a thriving year-round community. However, having a local town supervisor mugging for the camera on national news programs regarding transportation issues seems ridiculous. This dispute doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. So, what do you think?

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