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Big Reveal: How Much for a Spacious New Build in Sagaponack?

68 Hedges Lane, Sagaponack
68 Hedges Lane, Sagaponack

Address: 68 Hedges Lane, Sagaponack
Price: $22,900,000
The correct answer won by a nose this week. As usual, CH commenters went to the heart of the matter, discussing the important issue of whether the poolhouse looked like a beach concession stand or not. Consensus: yes. Also, whether the master fireplace was too contemporary. Also yes! Jeez, picky, picky, picky. Those things would be easy to sort out, we think, especially if the buyer is well-heeled enough to cough up $23M for a property. "That 'clam stand/snack bar' has to be redone, if not removed and replaced with something more apt and comfortable. Second floor fireplace is too Jetson, but it the rest is great."

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