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Hilary Rhoda and Sean Avery: Life and Love in the Hamptons

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It's a hard life being a wealthy supermodel with a house in the Hamptons. You can't even relax because you have to plan your fall wedding to your hockey-star fiancé at the Parrish! Model Hilary Rhoda and retired Ranger Sean Avery, who is now building houses in Southampton (as Curbed readers know), sat down with Andy Cohen for Hamptons Magazine to dish about their wedding plans, their love for the Hamptons, and who's the bigger bridezilla. (Guys, we're still waiting for our invitation.)

Why have they have decided to get married in the Hamptons this fall?
HR: "[Because] we have a house out here. We've been spending so much time out here, every summer and a lot [of the rest of the year] too. We were thinking of doing it at some destination, but it really is just so much more personal and also a little bit easier than some exotic island somewhere."

Who is the bigger bridezilla?
HR: "I think I'm more easygoing and Sean definitely has a lot more attention to detail. He's a little more specific about his ideas."
SA:"I think it's the complete opposite. …At this point, I don't necessarily think we need a wedding planner. I could set this wedding up in the next couple of weeks, and everything would run smoothly. …We're going to have an amazing weekend—all of our friends are going to be here, and no matter what happens, it's going to be fun and beautiful."
HR: "Yeah, actually I agree. Neither of us is the bridezilla and groomzilla type, because both of us are pretty low-key, and we just want a fun party where we can just be with all our friends. We're not such huge wedding-crazed people."

Sean on his new venture of house flipping:
"…I really kind of redid the entire house without telling her. Luckily it worked out; she liked it...I enjoyed it so much that I realized that there's a major gap in the market out here in terms of houses that are no mega mansions, so I decided that was what I wanted to do as my new career. I got partnered up with a guy, Chuck Gallanti, who's been building in the Hamptons for 20 years…. We're buying houses and fixing them up and were going to sell them…I am currently building three homes and have two others we will start after we sell."

What draws them to the Hamptons?
SA: "I was attracted to Southampton by Hilary. When I was playing for the Rangers, I was the only guy who stayed in New York during the summers, so Hilary owning a home in Southampton was great because we had a place to go in the summer, which was my off season and the only time I could ever go away anywhere."
HR: "My first time in the Hamptons was when I was still in high school. I had a job with Bruce Weber for Italian vogue; we shot at Andy Warhol's estate in Montauk, which was magical. A few years later I started house hunting and bought a home in Southampton in 2009. I had bought it the summer we started dating and it was perfect because he was in his off-season so it gave us time to get to know each other and spend a lot of time together… "
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