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BARN: a New Brooklyn Popup Gallery in Sagaponack

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A cheerful white-painted space on Hildreth Lane in Sagaponack is home to BARN, a popup filled with home goods by Brooklyn makers, all chosen by Aelfie. Find colorful one-of-a-kind chairs by Fort Makers, ceramics by Souda, art by Gerald Garstone, Aelfie's hand dyed rugs, and Haptic Lab's Hamptons sample quilt, which we absolutely adore. (Put it into production, Haptic, alongside your other coastal quilts!) Hurry, though, as the space is only open through the end of June by appointment; call 631-603-5574.
· Coastal Quilts [Haptic Labs]
· Aelfie [Official]
· Souda [Official]
· Fort Makers [Official]