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Welcome Our Alien Overlords in This Springs Spaceship House

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17 Cedar Ridge Drive, Springs
17 Cedar Ridge Drive, Springs

Yes! You're sure to be appointed human slavemaster when aliens conquer Earth because you'll be the first to welcome them in your spaceship house. Sure, people laughed when you originally paid $499K for the place. They chuckled when you pointed out the listing stated that the house was "ready to be renovated." "Renovated, as long as it's round," your cousin Sid snorted. Is Cousin Sid laughing as he's shunted off to the human slave camps to work for our green-skinned conquerors? No, he is not. Besides the alien-welcoming roundness of the house, there's a pool on the 0.46 acre plot, perfect for relaxing in after a long day cracking your slavemaster whip.

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