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Momi Ramen to Open Early June in East Hampton

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Momi Ramen, known in Miami for its "perfect bowl of ramen," is bringing it to the Hamptons, in the former Turtle Crossing space. Anita Chen, owner and manager, says, "With the food community just having celebrated the 105th birthday of ramen noodles in March, we thought it was the ideal time to bring this perfect bowl to the East End." Unlike most ramen houses in New York and even in Japan, Momi Ramen makes its noodles fresh several times a day using equipment from Japan. Anita says, "With ramen being the star of the menu, we did not want to leave the taste and consistency of the noodles to a third party. It is important that we control the quality, texture and flavor of the noodles. The experience when you bite into the noodles is a pleasing bounce and resilience that holds up to a steamy broth or a cold dipping sauce."

Ramen is not complete without some pork bone broth. Every day, Momi Ramen will prepare two massive kettles of tonkotsu broth: more than 80 pounds of pork bones are filtered and simmered for over 15 hours. Not in a noodley mood? Momi will also serve appetizers such as pork buns and gyozas and classic Japanese tavern (Izakaya) dishes including Japanese fried chicken and grilled short ribs.