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One Acre SOH Bridgehampton + $5.95M = Good Value

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29 Farmfield Road, Bridgehampton
29 Farmfield Road, Bridgehampton

Everything is clean, fresh, and bright in this one-acre property overlooking horse fields. With horses as your neighbors, you get wide open views plus privacy. Yes, the curved window in the upstairs sitting room makes it a bit McMansiony, but that can easily be changed. The kitchen is a nice size, with a screened in eating area for buggy summer nights, and of course there's a heated gunite pool with plenty of lawn and patios. Inside, there are five bedrooms and five baths in 4500sf. We think the $6M asking price makes this a pretty good option for anyone who wants to be south of the highway but doesn't have $10+ to spend.

· Bridgehampton South On Reserve [Corcoran]