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Celebrity Broker Fredrik Eklund Crane Kicks 20 Square Feet of Picnic Paradise

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We're constantly on the hunt for the most interesting properties in the Hamptons, but we didn't ever think this search would include 20 square feet of picnic grass. It turns out that Stella Artois Cidre is giving away a house in Hampton Bays for part of the summer. We're rather intrigued by their gimmick featuring a tongue-in-cheek parody emphasizing an impeccable lawn treated with "premium conditioner for extra silkiness" in the land "where billionaires live the simple life." Click here to embrace this clever absurdity.

Celebrity brokers Luis Ortiz and Fredrik Eklund (the guy who famously crane kicked his way through Barn & Vine) of Million Dollar Listing New York are even getting in on the action. We noted that the love/hate bromance is continuing out East, because the duo posed for photos in the ridiculous (albeit comical) curated picnic patch. Sources tell us that further details will be released on the Bravo TV series. Check out blueprints of the much ballyhooed al fresco dining below. Our thoughts? What's the commission like on a premium picnic spot? Hmmm….