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Mr. Draper is Choppered in for Dinner, Thanks Blade!

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Blade, the iphone app that allows you to crowdsource a helicopter ride out to the Hamptons (seriously, how cool is that?!), is getting a little cheeky with its latest commercial. We discovered local restaurateur of Harlow East in Sag Harbor Richie Notar (yup, he's the same guy who once upon a time cleaned up after Mick Jagger at Studio 54), starring in their latest advertisement. Notar is desperate to ditch his business meetings and get to the Hamptons in time to see his family. Awwww....

Of course Notar is choppered in with plenty of time to have dinner with his daughter. We just have one question, do they call everyone 'Mr. Draper' or just him? Click here to watch to watch the commercial via Twitter.