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Bridgehampton Bride of Wildenstein House is Yours for $10M

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98 Pointe Mecox Lane, Water Mill
98 Pointe Mecox Lane, Water Mill

This house is the architectural equivalent of the Bride of Wildenstein: it possibly began life as a nice normal house, but was just added to and tweaked and lifted and futzed with until it now fills the onlooker with unimaginable horror. Fittingly, most of the listing photos show the extremely nice views, right on the bay with a dock, and there's an attractive pool. The house is 4500sf, with five bedrooms and 6.5 baths. The plot size is 1.04 acre. We can't picture anyone forking out ten large for this place, but hell, even the Bride of Wildenstein apparently has a boyfriend, so stranger things have happened.

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