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Big Reveal: How Much for Bayfront in EH Northwest?

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49 Sammys Beach Rd, East Hampton
49 Sammys Beach Rd, East Hampton

Address: 49 Sammys Beach Rd, East Hampton
Price: $2,650,000
Nope. You folks all thought this place was more expensive than it is. Most commenters were underwhelmed by the place and many thought it was a teardown. "1.5 ba is preposterously dumb when designing a new-ish home like this, even with only 3 bedrooms. Dumb dumb dumb and will definitely impact the price and market time for this place, even if it's relatively easy and obvious where/how to add an additional bath." "Has been for sale for a long time now; listed previously w Corcoran. Low ceilings, not enough baths, no privacy in bedroom areas, poor poor quality, no storage space, no covered outdoor space, extreme exposure to sun, wind, rain etc. Looks interesting/not bad in photos; disappointing in real life." "Mr BHS: tear this place down!" (This was one of the funnier comments on the blog this week.)

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