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Helicopter? Plane? Take a Yacht to the Hamptons!

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Don your yachting caps and ascots, folks, there's a stylish new way to get to the East End. Barton & Gray Mariner's Club is a fractional membership-driven company with a fleet of crewed yachts that cruise the Eastern seaboard. Its new Long Island Commuter service will depart Manhattan and arrive at various ports in the Hamptons. The 48' boat is of course loaded with snacks and wine for the 3.5 hour trip. All this comes at a cost, though: you have to join the club, with the cheapest first year annual dues ("Ensign") running $25,000, and there's an initiation fee of $10,000. Then one-way pricing for the trip starts at $2750. (Guess it's the Fung Wah bus for us again.)
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