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Tesla Heads to the Hamptons with Chic Shipping Containers

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The Tesla Mobile Experience

Tesla, the high-end electric car which is better known as a rich person's toy, has gained a significant foothold in the Hamptons. We're not saying that people have completely eschewed their flashy Maseratis and Ferraris for this eco friendly option, but Elon Musk [the founder of Tesla, btw he's worth $12B] isn't hurting for Hamptons cash.

So, here's the scoop, we recently learned from Tesla's Twitter feed that a mobile pop-up shop 'made from shipping containers' is touring the US. What are they, a rock band? Kinda. More research among various auto blogs reveled that Tesla will set up shop here in the Hamptons after a stint in Santa Barbara.

Tesla stated that this venture aims to educate the public about electric driving. More importantly, you can test drive the cars without having to trek back to Manhattan. As for our part, we're wildly curious about the ultra high-tech shipping containers that according to the retailer "arrive and unfold to double its size in just a few hours."