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$20M Bridgehampton Oceanfront House: Goodbye Cruel World?

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191 Mid Ocean Drive, Bridgehampton
191 Mid Ocean Drive, Bridgehampton

Yep, all the signs are there: this property has a date with a bulldozer. The first listing pics are aerial views of the land. House out of the "Just Say No" 80s. Listing mentions the "generous building envelope." Prestigious address. See you in hell, house. The important part: 1.5 acres on the ocean in Bridgehampton, with 160 feet of ocean frontage, and views of Sam's Creek to boot. The house actually isn't all that bad, really, as 80s contemporaries go. A talented architect could probably make it attractive, but we doubt that will happen. It is 3000sf with four bedrooms and four baths, and there's an oceanfront gunite pool. Asking price for all this is $19.95M. Considering that an empty 2.2 acre lot on Mid-Ocean sold for $40M last year, this seems like a good value.

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