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Big Reveal: How Much for Barn Style in Bridgehampton?

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400 Jobs Lane, Bridgehampton
400 Jobs Lane, Bridgehampton

Address: 400 Jobs Lane, Bridgehampton
Price: $5,650,000
Close. The most popular answer this week was $5,950,000. Between discussing the orchids that move from room to room (one wag noted, "I've noticed that orchid in other listings. Perhaps it's the listing agents Hirschfeld Nina"), the consensus seems to be, while this is an appealing house as is, it's doomed to the bulldozer. Commenter yoyo summed it up: "The issue is what the market will bear.The reality is that for a 'user' (rather than a developer) you're looking at a $5mm+ house that needs a fair bit of work. That's a super hard sell. But $5mm to a developer, for an acre SoH so close to the beach in BH...come on. They're going to line up for this one. Said another way, we will soon know precisely what this acre of land is worth."

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