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Neighbors of the Breakers in Montauk Challenge Eatery Plans

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The new 60-seat restaurant planned for the Breakers on Old Montauk Highway is causing consternation among Montauk residents. According to Jay Schneiderman, co-owner with his sister of the motel, the Breakers used to have a restaurant in the 1950s through the early 70s called the Burgundy House Buffet. Mr. Schneiderman told Curbed that there is no abandonment of nonconforming use and that all permits necessary have been granted.

But local residents are disagreeing. One neighbor, Jane Concannon, will challenge the plans via the East Hampton Zoning Board of Appeals or via a lawsuit. Her lawyer, quoted in the East Hampton Press, says, "At this point, it seems obvious to us. It didn't exist for a period of time, so it's like reintroducing it to the property. The de facto use of the restaurant in the 1950s and '60s is irrelevant." Opponents are saying that the nonconforming use has been abandoned, given that there has been no restaurant on the site for 40+ years. Stay tuned.
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